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Microsoft Dynamics™ GP

Leveraging your company's Business Management Software Budget to the fullest potential is essential in today's competitive market. Choosing Dynamics GP for your company's Software needs is a sound decision for a successful business in the future. With Dynamics GP you can leverage high-end features and tools to work hard for your business without having to spend top dollar to get them. Microsoft is a name you can trust to be there for the long haul. Microsoft spends a higher percentage on research & development than any other leading software in today's market so you can be sure that your investment will grow and change with technology as your company takes advantage of the latest and greatest available to get ahead of the curve. Hilburn Solutions can help guide your decision making team through all the options so you can be sure you are getting everything you need now with some room to grow as well.

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Upgrade Dynamics GP, Add New Modules
  • Business Analyzer from your home page, prepay purchase orders, drop-ship serialized items, track and report fixed assets based on your fiscal year, get rich context on each transaction with document attach, and more! Equipped with the Business Analyzer dashboard that is now easily accessible over the web, you and your team will be able to quickly track key performance indicators, anticipate opportunities, delegate tasks, or take informed action. The Business Analyzer delivers role-specific insight across your business, so each member of your team can drill down to relevant details, collaborate with others, and take quick action right from their Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 home page.
  • Web Client provides all of your employees easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP, so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their PC or mobile device.
  • Report more effectively and broaden the reach of your business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 offers both full-service and self-service users a more complete look at the business, with even more out-of-the-box Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Excel reports.
  • Word Templates create professional-looking documents like invoices, purchase orders, statements, and more in Microsoft Dynamics GP using Microsoft Word capabilities. Now, any report can be created using Word templates, eliminating the dependency of modifying the reports in report writer.
  • Purchasing Productivity and accuracy boosted. Set specific percentage tolerances that simplify your purchasing process, allowing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to enter quantity overages and automatically close purchase orders left open due to quantity shortages.
  • Fixed Assets Historical Depreciation Report will assess your assets accurately. You get visibility into historical fixed asset depreciation values, simplifying month-end and year-end closing routines. Track your assets in the way that works for you. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 lets you track and report fixed assets based on your fiscal or calendar year, eliminating one more hassle from the process of creating financial statements and tax filings.
  • Document Attach in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will allow the ability to append informative details, pictures, notes, or contracts directly to a transaction or line item, giving your employees, customers, and suppliers the information they need, right where they need it.
  • Sub-Ledger Reconciliation tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 automatically identifies discrepancies between your general ledger and sub-ledgers, eliminating time-intensive, manual inventory and bank reconciliation processes.
  • Inventory Reason Codes give you a sharper view into your inventory by assigning unique reasons codes that allow you to monitor and track items as they move through your supply chain with a business solution from Microsoft, you will have the security and flexibility to adapt and grow while managing your IT costs.
  • Application Service Console allows your IT team to extend web access to all Microsoft Dynamics GP users without sacrificing security and control by managing active sessions, terminating inactive sessions, and controlling product configuration by user.
User Interface & Office Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been designed to look and feel like Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Excel, and Word. Users find that the software is easy to navigate the very first time they explore the user interface. A tight integration with Microsoft Office products means more efficiency in day to day activities. Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis or 'what-if' scenarios. The Letter Writing Assistant lets you create collection and other business letters in Word for Customers, Vendors, and Employees without the need for a complicated mail merge process.


Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP empowers you to easily create and publish customized reports enabling you to analyze every aspect of your business. You can pinpoint the exact information you need to make effective business decisions. Report Writer allows modification of most 'canned' reports in the system including posting journals and business forms such as Invoices and Checks. Many analysis reports also exist and cover topics such as: sales, purchasing, inventory, human resources, and payroll. All can be modified to suit your company's needs.

Financial Management

The financial management tools in Microsoft Dynamics GP let you to define your own Account structure so you can track your company's financial data with custom-level detail. Using the FRx Report Designer you can report on the financial data to evaluate where your company is spending and making money. Choose a way to review the data that fits your needs: view departments, locations, or any other classification your company would like to use. Speed productivity with tools that help you complete necessary activities efficiently with the following:

Excel Based Budgeting ~ manage multiple budgets for each company by entering the data through the familiar interface of Excel.

Bank Reconciliation ~ All bank transactions are carried over to the Checkbook in Dynamics GP allowing for reconciliations within the Dynamics GP application. The Electronic Reconciliation module allows you to connect with your bank to record transactions as cleared, speeding the time it takes to reconcile your company's bank accounts.

Financial Transactions ~ Utilize features that make transaction entry more efficient and accurate such as the ability to copy and auto reverse posted journal entries.

Sales Management

Track the sales cycle from the quote to the order to the invoice. Use the document flow to gain tighter control over sales and prevent issues such as errors during order entry, or selling to a customer on hold. Use the batch approval process to allow a Sales Manager to review a batch before invoices are finalized. Use connected features to manage back orders and purchase orders. Utilize the sales tools to effectively fulfill customer orders more accurately and faster improving productivity and business efficiency.

Software Management

We will extract data from existing applications and import that data smoothly into your new accounting software package avoiding time consuming data entry associated with new software setup. This process will shorten the time it takes to convert your company's software use from the old to the new allowing your employees to get up to speed and back to work faster.

We will provide troubleshooting for accounting software, periodic systems analysis, and software updates. Successful businesses grow rapidly and need to reassess software, procedures, and many other areas of the business often. Hilburn Solutions will periodically evaluate the software and procedures for your company and make suggestions for change where leveraging additional functionality would give your company an advantage over the competition.

Customize your new accounting software to perfectly fit your business needs. We will assist you in the customization of your software to streamline with your business processes. All businesses and industries have their own unique set of challenges; custom functions can be written for your company's software package where additional functionality is needed but not available out of the box. Our experienced programmer will create the needed functionality seamlessly with your accounting software so there is no learning curve for the new areas.

Purchasing Management

Take control of your purchase process, improve accuracy, and increase employee productivity by automating routine purchasing tasks. Auto-create purchase orders for out of stock products at the time of entry, saving the delay of having to manually make the entry later. Utilize a workflow approval process to allow management to control the release of purchase orders over designated purchasing limits. Enter recurring transactions one time and continue to process without re-entering the information.

Automate purchasing through order point or minimum/maximum settings. Purchase Order Generator determines quantities needed based on the stock situation in relation to the stock goals and generates a suggested purchase order that can be reviewed and edited prior to release. Automatically create purchase orders in response to quantity shortages and manage these documents from within Purchase Order Processing.

With flexible shipping and invoicing options you can: record shipments and invoices separately or together, enable vendors to ship orders directly to the customer by entering 'Ship To' addresses on purchase orders, and Assign different 'Ship To' addresses for each line item on a purchase order.


Flexible HR Processes- Adapt a variety of standard and customizable interview forms, schedules, benefit plans, review forms, and pay rates to your company's business practices. Match external and internal applicants to open positions and identify potential skill shortages, enabling you to proactively train and hire for future business needs.

Job Candidate Record Conversion- Transform successful candidate information into employee records with a single step, eliminating the need to re-enter the information from scratch. Improve and standardize your performance review process with consistent scheduling and notification, and use weighted scores to support wage adjustment decisions.

Automated Letter Writing and Communications- Free up staff time by allowing access to employee, payroll, and HR data, and use familiar Microsoft® Office applications to create dynamic communications— such as applicant letters, employee benefits and deductions, employee review notifications, termination letters, and merit increases.

Customization & Integration

Utilize business data from almost any platform data source. Microsoft Dynamicsâ„¢ GP offers powerful integration capabilities that use the latest industry-standard technologies, enabling you to integrate and incorporate data with a high degree of safety, flexibility, and speed. Verify the accuracy and integrity of external data by processing all imported data through a series of business objects encapsulating Microsoft Dynamics GP business logic.